Payment Terms

Payment by Credit – Debit Card:

Regarding our payment terms we inform you that in our e-shop all credit cards are being accepted. For your safety we guarantee that every transaction in our e-shop is protected by high technology systems of online safety (SSL-256 bit).

If you choose to pay by credit card you must follow the instructions provided in our e-shop. Also it is essential to be present at the delivery of your order and present your credit card and identity card. The delivery to a third party is not permitted. When the client is a company then the credit card must be issued at the details of the respective company and at the delivery of the order the authorized holder should be present with the credit card and his identity card.

By credit card with up to 6 interest free installments through our website.
From 200 up to 499,99 euro – 3 interest free installments and from over 500,00 – 6 interest free installments.

Cash on Delivery (Payment upon receipt of the order at your premises)

ΈYou can pay the Courier employee for the product upon the delivery at your premises. The amount you are additionally charged is 2,30€. We remind you that according to the current tax provisions the receipts over 500 euro are paid ONLY by deposit/wire transfer to a bank account or charge on a credit card. The option of “cash on delivery” does not apply for shipments with big or heavy objects processed with a transport company.

Receipt and payment of the order in the shop

If you wish to receive products from our shop you can choose as Shipment method the “Receipt from Shop”. The notification for the receipt of your order is made through an automated email mentioning that your order is ready in the shop to be delivered. There are cases where products are not available at the shop. In this case you will be informed though a phone call in order to ensure the smooth processing of the order. For your better service the receipt from the shop must be made only if you have been informed through email or phone call. All orders shall remain at the shop up to 6 working days if you have been informed for the status of your order. The payment of orders is made at the shop’s cashier at the receipt and you can use the following payment options: Cash, Credit or Debit Card.

Transfer at a bank account

To pay in advance your order you can use one of our following bank accounts.
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (IBAN) → GR48 0110 4610 0000 4610 0340 531 (Account No. 461 003405 31)

Then you must send us through e-mail (at the deposit receipt. For your better service and the quickest sending of your order please state at the receipt your order code and the name given at the order. In order for the sending to be processed following a bank transfer the amount paid should appear at the company’s account and details must be confirmed. The specific procedure requires the contribution of the bank and therefore the sending of products may be delayed.